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Course Artifact Index
of Wendy Stutzman Simmons

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Short Story

Contemporary Literature

Fiction of C.S. Lewis


Principles of Mathematics

Contemporary Literature

Survey of American Literature

Jacobean Drama

Studies in Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • He would say You, YOU! Emerson and the Question of Christology

The Profession of Teaching

Foundations in Education

Exploring Schools

Teaching High School English

Literature for Adolescents

Romantic Literature

Seminar in British Literature: Jane Austen

Diagnosis and Procedures in Remedial Reading

Reading in Secondary and Middle Schools

Integrating Technology and Learning

History, Issues, and Trends in Exceptional Learning

Summer 2002
Advanced Developmental Psychology

Fall 2002
Secondary School Curriculum and Methods
Secondary School Curriculum and Methods Field Experience
Methods of Research
Writing: Teaching and Theory
Seminar in Linguistics

Spring 2003
Supervised Student Teaching
Issues in Education

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Wendy Stutzman Simmons