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Lesson planning is one of the most important thing that teachers can do to be ready to create a positive learning environment for their students.  Being prepared for a class is of the utmost importance. If a plan is in front of an instructor, the class will stay on track but still allow maximum flexibility for productive class discussions.  The following selections represent my observations and teaching experiences I have had as an apprentice teacher. 
For an English teacher, student assessment and evaluation can be challenging, even to those who are experienced instructors. This section contains some thoughts on assessment as well as some samples of student evaluations.
Classroom learning environments are an integral part of the educational process. Educators must attempt to transform a blasé room into a place that is conducive to classroom discussion and other methods of active learning.  Included in this section is a collection of observations, photographs, and other artifacts from classrooms that I have visited during my time as an apprentice teacher.
Teacher-student interaction is the foundation on which all other classroom activities build upon. This section contains field experience observation journals as well as samples of communication between students and myself. 
In order to remain excited about education, a teacher must be willing to grow—through reflection, community serve, professional societies, peer evaluation, and continuing education. If personal growth is not a part of an instructor’s educational philosophy, their classes could suffer tremendously. The learning process will become stale. An individual must constantly seek out experiences for personal and professional growth. This section contains documentation of my journey to be a better teacher. 

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Wendy Stutzman Simmons